Australian Mist Cat Breed


The Australian Mist cat breed was developed in Australia. Back in 1976, Truda Straede developed the breed in Australia, which is why it was given the name it was. It was developed as a cross between the Abyssinian and Burmese, as well as domestic shorthaired cats to come up with a shorthaired cat that has a spotted coat. Its name was originally Spotted Mist, but in 1998, it was changed to that of Australian Mist when cats that had marbled coats, rather than just spots, were accepted with this breed.
The Australian Mist cat breed is quite tolerant, so you don’t normally have to worry about them scratching. Even though the kittens are quite spunky, they tend to calm down as they age. They are expected to live anywhere from 15-19 years. They thrive on human contact, so they are content remaining indoors, which works out great for those who are searching for an indoor pet. You can even train some of them to go on a walk outside using a leash.