American Bobtail Cat Breed


The American Bobtail cat breed looks like that of a feral cat, but they have the tempers of domestic cats. They are loving, kind and exceptionally smart. You can easily train them to be on a leash, as well as being adaptable to just about any situation. They get along well with almost all dog breeds. If you have children, they get along great with them, and they are well-behaved. American Bobtail cat breeds love playing games and can easily be active for hours on end.
Even though they are a quiet breed, they will chirp when happy. In terms of maturity, they tend to grow slower than some of the other breeds. It isn’t until they are a little over three years of age that they reach full maturity. Since they have some dog-like personalities, they will often greet their owners upon returning home and enjoy playing fetch. Don’t let their personality fool you as they are great escape artists and can be difficult to keep up with.