Abyssinian Cats — Elegant Charmers

Abyssinians are a unique breed of cat that originated in Ethiopia or Egypt. They have since become one of the most popular short-hair breeds in the world.

Abyssinians are known for their distinctive “ticked” coat coloring. Each individual hair has a base color with several stripes of a darker color along the length. The hair is overall lighter at the root and darker at the tip, giving the coat its “ticked” pattern. Though the marking patterns remain a standard of the breed, the base colors range from Sorrel to Chocolate, Lilac, and even Blue. The fur is dense, of medium-short length, and very soft.

The Abyssinian cat has large, alert ears and a broad, wedge-shaped head. Their legs are long and elegant, their paws small for their size. They generally have an M-shaped pattern above their eyes, which is often called their “frown line.”

In temperament, the Abyssinian is gregarious, active, and intelligent. They don’t usually have much patience in laps, preferring to explore or pounce. Some can be shy around strangers, but in general they are friendly and social. They need a lot of attention, though, or they can become bored or depressed.

Overall, “Abys” are a wonderful breed for any cat fancier who is willing to give them the time and love they deserve.