What Is A Chinchilla Cat Breed

Chinchilla Cat


You may have heard of chinchillas—cute rodents that are native to South America—but have you heard of the Chinchilla cat breed? These cats aren’t actually related to the South American chinchillas. They are a long haired breed, and a type of Persian cat. They are named after chinchillas because they both share two-toned fur.
Chinchilla cats are very even-tempered, and known for their elegant silky coat. They have very round faces, and large eyes. These cats are usually white, with black or silver tipping. While these cats are very quiet and mild-mannered, they may not be the best cats to have if you have young children who aren’t gentle with pets.But these cats are wonderful for many families, and are great because they adapt well to large and small living spaces. Since these cats have such long hair, they should be groomed every day for at least 10 minutes.

Chinchilla cats are also prone to runny eyes, so you’ll need to wipe the tear ducts for debris. While these cats require some maintenance and have some health issues, they are affectionate companions and make wonderful pets.